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The End Of the Music Blog Directory

Since the crackdown on file lockers in January 2012, hundreds of music blogs have decided to throw in the towl and they either stopped their activities - that means no more updates - or even deleted their blogs altogether. Google has also been cracking down hard on music blogs and has had hundreds of them deleted from blogspot. As a result there are simply way too many blogs in this directory that are no longer accessible.

Add to that the increasing popularity and mainstream acceptance of streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, Google Music and even online radio stations like Pandora and Apple's latest entry in that area, and it should be clear to everyone that the landscape has dramatically changed since the early days when music blogs where all the rage and had a pretty unique status.

I just cleaned out the Popular Blogs section and in doing so I realised that this is simply no longer sustainable. Therefore: this blog directory will no longer be updated and it will soon be delegated to a yet to be created museum section probably.

It was a good idea at the time, but because things and times have changed so dramatically, there's no longer any point to it. So we might as well pull the plug on it.

What is Totally Fuzzy?

No high flying ambitions, no "web entrepreneurship', no suits (unlike bankers), no business plan (just like bankers), if we can manage to pay for the hosting we're already happy.

We're only "professional" - or try to be - in order not to insult your and our own intelligence. So we try to make sure things work and look a bit decent. We can be fussy in addition to fuzzy.

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